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Eleven is the number of years that I have been married to Natalie Rae today. It simultaneously seems like forever and no time at all. 

Natalie may seem like a series of dichotomies. She has a gentle exterior but inside she is a worshipping warrior. She may seem quiet or shy on the exterior, but she is a wealth of knowledge if given the opportunity to share. She is a quiet, strong, worshipping warrior of wisdom and determination. When I first met Nat, she stood out because she emanated warmth and was a very welcoming person. She passionately and unashamedly would worship God, with no care of who was there and what they might think; that was the first thing that attracted me to her. The second was she liked a couple of bands I did not. Lol. While not a fan of the music, I was a fan of the fact that she wasn’t afraid to like music that a was different (fortunately there are some bands that we agree on, otherwise road trips would be quite miserable lol).

Our first date was a bit of an accident. We were both heading to David Crowder Band concert at Ruby Diamond Auditorium and decided to meet up. I was going to meet her and a friend but Natalie’s friend canceled on her. We ended up there “together.” Afterwards, we went out to Denny’s (when it was on Apalachee Parkway still). It was nice... although I’m sure I embarrassed myself (and I think I had a huge pimple... ugh!). One of my classmates happened to be at the concert that night and took a photo of us singing side by side. After seeing it that night, I had a pretty good idea that Natalie was a very special person.

As life is wont to do, it has dealt us a series of blows before getting married and of course after. Through it all, Natalie has persisted. 

When she had our firstborn child, I could finally physically see how strong this woman I married was; her physical, spiritual, and emotional strength. Sometimes she doubts herself; her strength and who she is. But even then, she still persists in her strength, without even realizing it. I believe there is nothing Natalie cannot do if she truly wants to. 

Half of our marriage now has been raising children and Natalie is an amazing mother. She loves our family day in and day out without thinking of herself (despite my attempts to encourage her to be a little more selfish of her time on occasion). 

Natalie, I love you. I look forward to the road ahead; walking together, loving and encouraging one another, depending on God, I believe the rest of this trip is going to be a wonderful journey with you by my side... regardless of whatever life throws our way. 


Eleven Years of Nat

Baet Collective + EthniKids + sfp&d

I recently had the pleasure of meeting some of the fine folks from Baet Collective, here in Tallahassee as I was leaving the studio one night working on some EthniKids project ideas. They were working out a new mural on the wall to the Indianhead Factory (the studio's name // website / Facebook). As luck would have it, EthniKids wanted to tease a new song for an EP that's being put together and when we chatted with the Baet folks they mentioned they were time-lapse recording the mural. So one thing lead to another, and now we have some EthniKids new music snippets to a very nice mural done by the Baet folks. I had the pleasure of putting the two together. Check it out below. I hope you dig it; Also, check out Baet Collective's website and give them a like on Facebook or follow on Instagram.

Mural created by Baet Collective. Music by EthniKids. Edited by samuel febres photography & design

An Interview with Ben Yang

Hit play and vibe out to some of Ben Yang's music as you read through the interview.

SF: Thank you for taking time to answer some of these questions. I'm really excited to share with others about the work you're doing. So let's get started and let the people know who you are.

How long have you been producing and making music? How did you get started? 

Ben Yang portrait by Samuel Febres of samuel febres photography & design

Ben Yang: I've been producing for about 5 years now.  My music background stems from my family.  Both of my parents are professional musicians.  My brother is a musician.  All of my aunts and uncles are musicians.  My grandparents too.  Everyone in my immediate family plays an instrument.  I grew up in the greenroom of the former Florida Philharmonic Hall listening to classical music while building pillow forts. From there I was classically trained in piano during grade school.  I also taught myself how to play guitar.  When I got to college, I learned how to DJ, which eventually lead to the conclusion that my ultimate goal is to produce and DJ my own music.

SF: What are some of your musical influences? Do you think they come out in the music you create? Why or why not?

Ben Yang: I am heavily influenced by Ethnikids, Cashmere Cat, and Flume.  I am in love with those styles.  I find so much inspiration from their unique production styles.  And yes. In my recent productions, I always find myself using a lot of future bass chords and pads (flume), interesting percussion and vocal chop sequences (Ethnikids), and pretty, otherworldly sequences (Cashmere Cat).  However, I think it is important to retain your own personal identity as an artist. You don't want to be another artist who already exists in that space.  But rather the goal is to borrow creative ideas and build upon them in order to forge a new sound completely.

SF: When it comes to creating music, do you have a routine as far as writing and crafting your songs?  Or is it different every time you sit down to create? 

BY: I've changed up my methodology recently.  Personally, sitting down and thinking "Okay time to make a whole song!" puts too much stress on my creative process.  So usually I'll start with a 16 bar loop and see where it goes from there.  Also, I love using Ableton templates.  Whenever I open a blank slate project, I already have audio and MIDI track channels labeled and ready to go.  I also have locators that separate the different sections of a song.  Every 16 bars a new section is labeled, where it be the build or drop or verse, etc.

SF: What are you into right now musically? Favorite band or artist that you've got in heavy rotation?

BY: Oh man. It changes every month or so.  Right now I've been listening to a whole lot of Thundercat, A Tribe Called Quest, Polyenso, and Japanese House.  And Ethnikids of course.  Their new mix is insane.  Anything Sade made, Oh Wonder gets played at least once a day typically.  I'll go on a early 2000's pop punk binge every now and then too.

SF: Musically, Is there someone that you think is underrated or underappreciated, but you love and think should get more love? Why do you think they're underappreciated? Or Why do you think they're below the radar for most folks.

BY: I'm a huge proponent of the hidden gems on Soundcloud and Spotify.  Those kids who are cranking out absolutely incredible music with less than 1,000 followers.  Those artists where you listen to them and your first reaction is "Oh my god!  How does nobody know about this?! I must show the world!"  I love those moments.  It inspires the listener to spread the good word, and I believe there is power in that.  If you make good music, it is only a matter of time until word spreads.

SF: If you can and are willing to share, what's cooking for Ben Yang in the next, say, 4–6 months?

BY: Within that time frame, I'm going be putting out another project called Water — the second installation of this series I am working on. I also have a few songs with Jenny Reynolds coming out in the near future. She's incredible. She was the vocalist for most of the tracks on the Earth EP. There are also a few remixes waiting in the wings as well. Its going to be a great year, I'm really excited about it all!

SF: For some of the gearheads out there, what are you working on to create your music? DAW, and physical equipment. Maybe certain plugins and whatnot.

BY: I use Ableton.  In my opinion, it has the most fluid workflow.  Everything is very easy and user-friendly to me.  My setup is relatively simple. I have a pair of KRK 6's running through a presonus audio box.  My computer is a 15 inch iMac.  I also have a USB MIDI keyboard and a pair of Senheiser mixing headphones.  As far as plugins go, I abuse Omnisphere.  It's worth every penny.  I cannot say enough good things about it.  Serum and Valhalla Shimmer have been in heavy use lately as well.  I also run a lot of sub-mixes through Slate Digital compressor chains too.  On my master chain I'll typically use the Izotone multiband compressors, Izotope EQ, and a Slate Digital Compressor/Limiter.

SF: We've obviously worked together recently. Do you have a favorite photo from our session together? If so, what do you like about that particular image over the rest of them?

The photo Ben loves… woodsy and dark. photography by Samuel Febres

BY: Yes we have! I love this one.  It really captured the woodsy and dark aesthetic I envisioned for the Earth EP.

SF: It's your last day on Earth, and you have an opportunity to leave the world with one final message. What would it be?

BY: I hope you live a life doing the thing that you absolutely love.  The thing that sparks a fire in you.  The thing you would keep on doing even if you don't make a single penny from it.  Because that's the only thing that matters.  Nothing else is real.  Whatever it is you love doing, take the leap of faith and go for it.

SF: Thank you for your time! What social media sites are you most active in, or where can people link up with you to keep up and learn more about what's going on with Ben Yang?

BY: I'm most active on Twitter (@benyangsounds), and Instagram (@benyangofficial). I post content to my Facebook page as well.  If you have a demo or are interested in working together my email is


Check out some of the images from our session with Ben Yang below. Excited for more work we've got planned down the pipeline. Keep your eyes peeled. Check out the Earth EP on Ben Yang's website:

Off We Go!

Away and Into the Blue album art by sfp&d

Away and Into the Blue album art by sfp&d

Late last year I got a chance to work with a client who was introduced to a unique musician. Unique is sometimes used to describe something as different without sounding mean. This time unique was used to describe a rare jewel. I was told his music was different, sampling from many wells but it wasn’t just a mindless hodgepodge. It was informed, directed, and intentional. I was intrigued, and heard a sample of the music that would eventually become the album Away and Into the Blue and I was impressed. The GRS has created a sonic palate that is creative and accessible, creating stories with singing, rapping, and a tapestry of sound that engulfs you while taking you on a journey.

The GRS released his album recently and I invite to you check it out. It’s available on AppleMusic, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify and other streaming sites. Connect with him on his website, which I put together for him, and also check out some of the photos from our session below.

Also, learn more about the production of Away and Into the Blue by visiting Julian Cruz's post on the ethnikids website.


Personal Project: Night Texture

I recently set out on a personal project to create some textured images to use on another project in the future. In the process of creating these textures, I stumbled upon some great looking night time imagery that I'm excited to share with you.


I love the mood of these images and the atmosphere they create. Even though the images are dark, I really am proud of the detail that I was able to capture in the hands and arms, and how time is stopped.

Check out the images below. I hope you like them.

Christmas at Engage Church

I had the privilege once again of working with Engage Church in Tallahassee this past Christmas to help capture their Christmas service and also update their staff photos for their website. Below  are a few of my favorite photos from the day along with the staff portraits.

If you're looking for a church to worship in Tallahassee, I encourage you to visit Engage Church.

Working with @iamPraiz'

Cover art by samuel febres photography & design (sfp&d)

Cover art by samuel febres photography & design (sfp&d)

I had the pleasure of working with a good friend of mine on an album cover for a new single he released recently. The single, called We Are Family, was released online for purchase and via streaming services on December 4th.


Vance Watt, performing under the stage name, Praiz, provided me with a photograph he would like to use, and an old version of his logo he wanted modernized and combined with the photo to create the album cover. Below is what we put together for the single release.

We are Family is also available on, and The Google Play store.

You can also stream it on AppleMusic, Spotify, and other streaming services.