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Baet Collective + EthniKids + sfp&d

I recently had the pleasure of meeting some of the fine folks from Baet Collective, here in Tallahassee as I was leaving the studio one night working on some EthniKids project ideas. They were working out a new mural on the wall to the Indianhead Factory (the studio's name // website / Facebook). As luck would have it, EthniKids wanted to tease a new song for an EP that's being put together and when we chatted with the Baet folks they mentioned they were time-lapse recording the mural. So one thing lead to another, and now we have some EthniKids new music snippets to a very nice mural done by the Baet folks. I had the pleasure of putting the two together. Check it out below. I hope you dig it; Also, check out Baet Collective's website and give them a like on Facebook or follow on Instagram.

Mural created by Baet Collective. Music by EthniKids. Edited by samuel febres photography & design