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An Interview with The GRS

To give you a better 'picture' of the some of the folks I've gotten a chance to work with, I wanted to share a series of interviews with you.

Check out this interview with The GRS about his music and plans.

SF: First of all, if someone has never heard your music, how would you describe your music to them? Secondly, THE GRS… would you explain or break down your name for folks who might not know what that means?

The GRS: I’m a rapper who plays guitar. I’m a blend of what I like to listen to: New York rap and 60s and 70s counterculture. The GRS stands for the Great Royal Shepherd. I wanted my name to stress a supreme authority. Rappers are always bragging about how awesome they are, and I wanted my name to be a triple boast and that’s why I wanted three words to describe my profile.

SF: How long have you been doing what it is you've been doing musically? What led you to get started in music?

The GRS: I have been rapping since I was 18. Played guitar when I was 12 but I stopped playing til three years ago.

SF: What are some of your musical influences? Do you think they creep out and show in the music you create?

The GRS: My influences are The Beatles and Tupac. I certainly try to mimic Lennon and rappers like Nas all the time!

SF: What's your inspiration when it comes to songwriting? Do you have a game plan or is it an 'as inspiration strikes' type of thing?

The GRS: Inspiration varies, could be a song or a good movie.

SF: Do you have a general theme you keep coming back to musically?

The GRS: My major theme varies between love and anger. I’m either mad about my relationship with the world or I’m in love with what inspires me in the world. My songs carry a balance between the two.

SF: I asked Ben Yang this, and I'd love to see what you think. Musically, Is there someone that you think is underrated or underappreciated, but you love and think should get more love? Why do you think they're underappreciated? Or Why do you think they're below the radar for most folks.

The GRS: Yeah I think there are a lot of bands throughout time that were underrated like the Kinks or the Velvet Underground. Their music challenged the times. Most people want to be accepted and blend in, so that’s why music that’s made for the weirdos doesn’t get as hyped because outcasts are the minority of the world. But I like that kind of music because it develops cult status: liked by few but worshipped by those few. The fans end up making their own bands because of how heavily influenced they are.

SF: Are there any new artists you've discovered recently or someone that you've recently been getting into?

The GRS: Yes actually. I live an hour from LA now so it’s local bands that I admire and influence me. One of them are called Leather Duchess. Heavy metal glam band. They’re kick ass man.

SF: So what do you have cooking right now? Are you in LA or Portland? You are a bit of a rolling stone it seems.

The GRS: Haha I am a Rolling Stone indeed! I’m living in Highland, Ca with my parents. It’s nice out here, I take a walk up a mountain trail right next door to me. I write new songs in my room and then I go out to LA and perform at open mics. I want to meet some punk musicians and form a band. A punk rap band. The songs will resemble a song called Kush Man, which I made with Ethnikids released last year.

SF: We've obviously worked together recently. Do you have a favorite photo from our session together? If so, what do you like about that particular image over the rest of them?

The GRS: Oh man that photosession is one of the happiest memories of my life. Working with Ethnikids in summer of 2015 was a beautiful and exciting time. My favorite photo is the album cover. I really liked what you did with that Sam! You made me an awesome website too! A very creative photo session in those magical woods of Crawfordville! So green! 

The GRS in the magical woods of Crawfordville.

The GRS in the magical woods of Crawfordville.

SF: Quickly, can you break down the look for our session. Explain the style. You had a name for it; what did you call it? As you know, I loved it.

The GRS: Haha I don’t recall the name I called it! It was freelancing through those woods and making jokes while you were being super professional. KD kept making me laugh that day. It was all new to me because I’ve never done a photo shoot before that, but I felt comfortable with you and Ethnikids being as creative as we could.

SF: It's your last day on Earth, and you have an opportunity to leave the world with one final message. What would it be?

The GRS: Beware of falsehood. Get mad about it. Control that energy. Harbor it. Use it and utilize that power for good. You can be the first amongst the righteous. Especially as an artist putting out music, that formula is essential!

SF: Thank you for your time! What social media sites are you most active on, or where can people link up with you to keep up and learn more about what's going on with THE GRS?

The GRS: Follow me on Instagram! I love Instagram because I follow a lot of fan Beatles accounts and I constantly see pictures of John Lennon and George Harrison. Follow me on Twitter as well. I get all controversial and passive aggressive, it’s great.