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An Interview with Getty Boroughs

SF: Thank you for taking time to answer some of these questions. I'm really excited to share with others about the work you're doing. So let's get started and let the people know who you are. So, you record under the name Getty… where did that name come from?

Getty Boroughs: The name Getty Boroughs came partly from my hometown's name, Greensboro, as a way to pay homage to the small town I grew up in, and where I faced many of my obstacles as an adolescent. I hold my name to high regards because it's not only a representation of me but anyone else out there that may have been left out or not given as much opportunity because they didn't come from ideal situations.

SF: How did you get started making music?

Getty Boroughs: I got started making music two years ago but like many artists, I was creating hooks for songs and rapping in my head long before I ever had the confidence to hit an actual studio. After finally convincing myself to try it, I immediately felt accomplished and eager to do it again.

SF: What are some of your musical influences and how do you think they come out in the music you create? Why or why not?

GB: My musical influences are T.I., Tupac, drake, Kanye and etc. As a fan of music, many artist have come and gone from my favor. Of course, every artist wants to create their own sound, so if I hear my music sounding too much like an artist I listen to, I will immediately change it. 

SF: What are you into right now musically? Is there a favorite band or artist that you've got in heavy rotation?

GB: Right now there is no one I deep down listen too. But I've always been fascinated by an artist's ability to make a “hit” song. That being said, if it’s good music, there’s no denying that.

SF: Musically, Is there someone that you think is underrated or underappreciated, but you love and think should get more love? Why do you think they're underappreciated? Or Why do you think they're below the radar for most folks?

GB: I think Southern Rap as a whole has been unrated and underappreciated. From the UGK’s, Goodie Mob’s, No Limit Records, 8ball & MJG, and the list is possibly never ending. Southern artists and record labels have done so much to impact the music industry but wasn’t given much credit in the early 90’s. I'm glad nowadays the narrative is starting to shift and the South is becoming the destination spot to start a rap career.

SF: We've obviously worked together recently. Do you have a favorite photo from our session together? If so, what do you like about that particular image over the rest of them?

Getty Bouroughs on the steps in Tallahassee. By samuel febres 

GB: The picture I like most is the one you captured of me on the steps of a local church with my hands held together. It's my favorite because the expression on my face says a thousands words and allows the viewer to interpret and formulate their own opinion. 

SF: It's your last day on Earth, and you have an opportunity to leave the world with one final message. What would it be?

GB: My final message to mankind would definitely be to enjoy life to the fullest. Don't be a product of your environment or society but be content with being the best you that you can possibly be. Love yourself first and then love your family members. And thank God for your many blessing and opportunities.

SF: Thank you for your time! What social media sites are you most active in, or where can people link up with you to keep up and learn more about what's going on with Robert Jackson/Getty Boroughs?

GB: Facebook, Instagram, soundcloud and Youtube. Please subscribe to my youtube channel. I got new songs dropping and a premier to my new music video.