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Happy New Year! Wait, what?

Hard to believe February is here already! We just started this new year! I hope your year has started exceedingly well. I just wanted to check in and share a few recent projects as we begin the new year.

The Greenslades

Diana and Matt had a mini photo session last fall. It was a very fun shoot and their son, Declan kept us all on our toes the entire time, which made for some great photo moments.  You can view a couple more photos of the Greenslades in Portraits section.

Antonio Williams

Antonio, a drummer and entrepreneur, known around the internet as RealistOnTheSet, was looking to get a website put together. In addition to a new website, we got some new photography for the website and created a logo for his website and social media profiles. View more photos from Antonio’s session in my portfolio and visit his website at

Website screenshot for Antonio Williams,

Website screenshot for Antonio Williams,

High Beams

High Beams is an EDM duo with regular gigs in the region. They were looking for a logo that included a pig in it, in homage to Kevin Bacon, one of the member’s pet pig. Visit Facebook, check them out, and like their page.

DJ E Liz

Liz and I have worked together before on some promotional photography photos. You can view some of those photos under the portraits section of my portfolio, and her logo under the graphic design section. This time, DJ E Liz wanted a video reel to use for promotional purposes. With a mix she made specifically for this promo reel, we were able to put this together.

Personal Projects

Lastly, I’ve been trying out some new things for personal projects. I've never been one for self portraits, but it's something I've decided to try experimenting with to get certain looks and feels. Another thing that I've decided to start experimenting with is night time photography and cityscapes. The personal projects section of my website will be up and running soon, but for now, check these images out below.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. If there’s anything I can do to be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Side-note: Valentine's Day is on the way. If you're interested in a small session as a gift for your significant other, contact me today and let's get a nice set of photographs together.

Thank you!

Samuel Febres

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