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Away and Into the Blue

Let me introduce you to The Great Royal Shepherd, aka The GRS.

The GRS is a musical artist that I recently had the pleasure of working on a couple of projects with. He is currently putting some finishing touches on a new album he’s been working on titled Away and Into the Blue. His sound is described as follows:

“…an artist of progressive pop, rock & roll, and hip hop fused in vivid transcendence. A tasteful touch of harmony, and an inspiration to fellow dreamers like himself, he creates an emotional trip for audiences with unique blend of rapping and singing.”

With a description like that, it’s hard not to wonder what to expect!

To help The GRS prepare for the release of his new album, we worked on two separate projects. One was a photography session to help unify and solidify the look of the album and social media presences, and the other was a website to prepare to promote the album’s online presence and create a digital hub for all things GRS. We still have one more project on the way; an album cover for Away and Into the Blue.

Website for The GRS created by samuel febres photography & design.

Below are a few of the photos that I enjoyed from our photography session together in addition to a screen shot of the site I helped craft for him.

Check out the gallery below, and visit The GRS’ website to learn more about him, the music, and the new album to be released in the coming months!

Visit the The GRS’ website, crafted with love by sfp&d at

You can also follow The GRS on Twitter (@KouroshTheGRS) and like on Facebook (GreatRoyalShepherd).